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Exercise is always taken up as a short term assignment for immediate gains of weight loss and looking good. It is a well known fact that regular exercise helps control blood sugar and blood pressure,,,


Most diets fail because people are advised to follow a different kind of cuisine than what they grow up with and are told to totally stop all Indian food and turn to salads,,,


As per WHO, there are 30 million sufferers of Asthma in India with health care spends annually of Rs. 10000 crore plus. Overall prevalence in India is 2.38% (1-4%) and it is more in urban areas,,,


We all know them. We are wary to talk about them. Do you dread going to work every day and feel angry and upset whenever you interact with your boss?,,,


What do weekends mean to most of us? They mean rest, relax and revitalize. After a hectic schedule through the week, what better way to recharge your batteries than a quick Weekend Getaway?,,,