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Vidal Health Vire

Vidal Health Mobile App is your one stop for all your transactions with Vidal Health for your Health Claims.
As your preferred TPA we bring you a whole set of features that you can access right from your mobile phone.
Why Use Vidal Health Mobile App?
* NO MORE SEARCHING FOR YOUR E-CARD: View, download and share your E-card in your mobile and use
the same at our network hospitals.
* SEARCH OUR NETWORK HOSPITALS: Search for the nearest network hospitals, Contact them or ask for
route guidance in a map. You can also review the hospitals on their service.
* NO MORE FRANTIC CALLS: Get your policy details, claim & Pre Auth status right in your mobile phone. 
* MO MORE SHORTFALLS: Missing out on a simple document is delaying the claim processing. Go through our
checklist to get all of them right. 
* I WANT TO CALL BANGALORE, NOT MUMBAI: No more searching for branch phone numbers and mail addresses.
Find all of them in the contact us section.
* MANAGE YOUR HEALTH: Access our proprietary health management tools like Doc Round the Clock and
Ask Expert for expert advice on health, nutrition and counseling. What’s more get daily health tips on a
range of topics to manage your health.





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