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Vidal Health Completes Acquisition of Vipul MedCorp

Vipul MedCorp Insurance TPA Pvt Ltd. (VMC) is now Vidal Health Insurance TPA Private Ltd. (Vidal Health), with the completion of the merger process following the acquisition of Vipul MedCorp by Vidal in February last year. The merged entity has 29 branch offices, with presence across India and a combined revenue of ₹200 crore.

Girish Rao, Managing Director, Vidal Health, said, “…This acquisition has now given us scale in servicing retail individual customers as well. Over the last couple of months, we have been working with all the insurers to update them about our transition and ensure a seamless transfer of services while helping them understand our stronger and increased reach and infrastructure."

Vidal Health Group offers programmes to its customers to help them manage their health, which are delivered through a wellness-platform that can be accessed through an app or web services. Through this platform they also offer tele-consultation and OP facility with over 4,000 physicians and specialists. Customers can avail of attractive discounts on pharmacy and diagnostics orders through this platform as well.

Rajan Subramaniam CEO of Vipul MedCorp said, “The merged entity will serve more customer across the country bringing to them enhanced services and facilities. This move has indeed brought out the best from both Vipul and Vidal together. We are excited to move forward and set new benchmarks in the industry."



New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Appreciates Vidal Health Insurance TPA

In reference to a case that was decided by the Insurance Ombudsman dated 07-08-2014. It is observed that Dr. Shruthi from Vidal Health Insurance TPA has very well defended the case before the Insurance Ombudsman. New India Assurance Co. Ltd. appreciates the strong defence on the behalf of the Insurance Company and the technical detail which has helped the decision in our favour.

Tajinder Mukherjee : Dy. General Manager


Insurance Repository System to Benefit Policyholders

The Insurance Repository will provide policyholders the facility to keep insurance policies in electronic form reducing the need for safekeeping a document. It will act as a single platform for making any changes in the same.

Customers will now be able to carry out important transactions like alteration in nominee or address details for multiple insurance policies from various insurance companies without having to deal with each company on an individual basis.

Right now the facility is only available for life insurance policies. IRS will soon digitize non-life insurance policies as well.


IRDA’s Consumer Education Website: A Bima Bemisaal Initiative

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has been taking a series of initiatives under the Bima Bemisaal logo for creating awareness about insurance. The latest initiative is the proposed exclusive educational website for members of the public, prospects and policyholders with a view to educating them about matters relevant to consumers of or prospects for various insurance services. The objective of having an exclusive website is to educate consumers about insurance, in particular, regarding Buying Insurance, Making a Claim etc. The website can be accessed at you may also register your complaints and Grievances also through this site.


All Claim Payments Will be Through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

All Claim payments will be through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and no cheques would be issued. Please file the EFT Format along with a copy of the cancelled Cheque Leaf as well a copy of the page of the Bank Pass Book / Certificate from Bank containing the name and address of the Account Holder, IFSC Code and Account Number.

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