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Nurturing people lies at the core of our endeavours. When individuals reach out to us, they may be grappling with unanticipated and taxing situations. Our team members are entrusted with the task of extending crucial support and aid. At Vidal Health, the essence of caring is mirrored in our commitment to extend empathy and assistance to our clients, consumers, and all stakeholders alike.

Vidal Health Insurance TPA (established in 2002) is one of the India's leading health services management firm and amongst the world's largest third-party administrators. We have a huge presence in India (800 sites), over 35 million members, and 12000+ empanelled service providers such as hospitals, diagnostic labs, and clinicians. Every year, we process approximately 1.0 million claims and 800,000 pre-authorization requests.

"Our vision is simpleā€”to be the most preferred Third-Party Administrator."

We strive to create a supportive environment for our clients, driven by our dedication to exceptional customer service.

"Our mission revolves around providing access to quality healthcare, and healthcare solutions that help families and individuals not only recover but quickly return to normal."

We take pride in being the fastest in the industry when it comes to processing insurance claims. We were an early technology adopter and now have a world-class globally proprietary platform that connects providers, payers, and members. We actively collaborate with all stakeholders and participate in policymaking through our board representation on important industry bodies.

Our dedication to ensuring your satisfaction is clear through our 24/7 helpline, corporate help desk, and hospital-based assistance, providing continuous and seamless customer support. Our innovative services like online enrolment, quick e-card issuance, and personalized network solutions not only streamline processes but also help in managing claim costs efficiently. We aim to provide you with a simple yet professional experience, focussed on your well-being. Currently, we oversee the well-being of over 180 million lives across India, spanning 28 states, 800 cities, with our teams working over 40 offices nationwide. At Vidal Health TPA, we don't just manage operations; we architect well-being on a national scale. Join us on this journey of well-being, where we invite you to experience healthcare that transcends boundaries and enriches lives across India. Together, let's navigate life's surprises with care and support for every moment.

Management Team


Girish Rao

Managing Director

Girish Rao is an outstanding entrepreneur known for his transformative skills in the health industry. He leads Vidal Health Group and has expanded its influence both within the country and abroad.


Rajan S

Chief Executive Officer

Rajan S. is a visionary CEO well known for his deep understanding of business dynamics and strategic expertise. Working closely with his team, he skilfully shapes the company's strategy.


Guru kumar S

Chief Administration Officer

Guru Kumar is an expert in insurance administration with over three decades of experience. His expertise includes excelling in Process Management, Customer Service, and Streamlined Operations.


Ajitha Menon

COO Government Business

Ajitha Menon, a dedicated professional with two decades of experience, epitomizes purpose-driven leadership at Vidal Health Group. As a leader in the Government Business sector.


G. Sandhya Rani


G. Sandhya Rani, CHRO of Vidal Health Group, is the architect of the company's human resources strategy. Her responsibilities cover talent management, leadership development...


Tanvir Asad

Head IT and Strategy

Tanvir Asad's two-decade journey in Healthcare Delivery and Health Insurance Administration positions him as a leader in the field. As the head of IT & Strategic Operations at VHITPA...


Chhavi Ajay Saraf

Chief Financial Officer

Chhavi Ajay Saraf is a highly accomplished Financial Planner & Controller, with a robust skill set encompassing Financial Management, Accounting, Auditing & Taxation, Compliance Management...


Dr. Nikita Gupta

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nitika Gupta became a part of the Vidal Health Group in 2016, where she assumed responsibilities encompassing TPA cashless and claims, medical underwriting with health insurance companies...

Awards & Certifications


SKOCH AWARD Certificate

Winner of the prestigious SKOCH AWARD for the last 2 years.


BCMS Certificate

Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. is committed to ensuring its ability to plan for and respond...


ISMS Certificate

Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. is now an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization.


QMS Certificate

Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation commited...


CII EXIM Bank Award

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has recognized Vidal Health Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd.

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